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Head-On Collisions are Extremely Dangerous


A head-on collision is while the front of a motor automobile strikes the front of another motor automobile. When two cars collide head-on, it may be each terrifying and dangerous for the people in both automobiles. Head-on crashes frequently show up at high charges of speed. This means that there's an intense amount of force behind the impact.

Drivers and passengers are not only jostled through the force of the crash. However, they additionally face the dangers of flying glass from shattered windshields and twisted metal as the first stop of the car crumples and collapses into the passenger compartment. Injuries in head-on collisions are often extreme and purpose 10 percent of all car twist of fate fatalities.

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Causes of Head-On Accidents

Traffic safety statistics show that maximum head-on crashes appear on rural roads. Many of these roads are two-lane highways with no middle median to keep cars or industrial vehicles from passing or drifting into the opposite lane of travel.

Head-on crashes are frequent because of drivers of motor vehicles, or truck drivers are intoxicated, tired, or distracted. Several factors may also cause them to drift across the center line into the other lane and collide with oncoming visitors.

Head-on injuries also may be a result of drivers who negligently or recklessly move the middle line to bypass another car while it isn't secure to do so. An additional behavior that may cause head-on crashes is when an automobile or commercial truck drivers take curves at too high a pace and lose control of their cars. The sudden changing of lanes because of street production or a stopped vehicle can result in head-on collisions as well.

What Happens When a Commercial Truck Is Involved

Head-on collisions that involve industrial trucks are typically more complex and severe than those that include cars. If a tractor-trailer driver violates a traffic law through speeding, failing to provide right-of-way, or using aggressively.   The State of Missouri will generally don't see this violation as "prima facie" proof of negligence, meaning that the real and evident purpose of the head-on collision was the behavior of the truck driver.

In legal terms, the violation will represent a negligent act under the law. When there are justifications, the facts are to be taken into consideration while the judge and jury are figuring out whether the driver was negligent.

There is a better threshold for negligence for industrial truck drivers and trucking industry operators. Commercial truck drivers are required to follow more laws than drivers of standard passenger vehicles because numerous federal and state guidelines govern business transportation. These regulations impose particular requirements concerning the hours a big-rig driver can be made to drive. Federal and state guidelines also govern the weight of the cargo, the dimensions of the car, and plenty of other components of the trucking industry. Since head-on collisions regarding semi-trucks are extraordinarily complex, consulting Kansas City truck accident lawyers at McCollum Injury Law Firm can help get you started with your claim.

Common Injuries in Head-On Accidents

The kinds of injuries that result from head-on collisions can be very extreme, requiring significant hospitalization and lengthy recuperation periods. Often, victims of those kinds of car wrecks sustain multiple forms of injuries that can include the following:

Head and Brain Injuries — When you're involved in a violent collision, your head may be whipped from side to side from the impact. This can cause severe brain damage inside of your skull, which can result in harm to numerous brain functions. A head-on collision also could have items in the vehicle strike your head, which can result in a concussion or even penetrating your head, which can cause minor or major brain damage.

Back and Spinal Cord Injuries — The force of a head-on collision can result in injuries for your back or spinal cord. You could have a slipped or herniated disc, which can be extremely painful and usually requires surgical treatment and a lengthy recovery. You also could experience a bruised or damaged spinal column, which could bring about nerve damage or paralysis.

Neck Injuries or Whiplash — When you have an intense impact such as a head-on crash, your neck may be stretched beyond its regular length. Your backbone is designed to be flexible and to absorb shocks, but when your neck is unnaturally extended, it can bring about the injury known as whiplash. Whiplash can be painful and affect your everyday functions. Other not unusual neck injuries you can also experience in a head-on crash include painful slipped or herniated discs or a damaged neck, which at a minimum, is extremely painful and can bring about paralysis.

Soft Tissue Injuries — You may also experience painful damage to your muscles, ligaments, or tendons. These injuries may be rather painful, and now and again, the pain is long-term, mainly if not adequately dealt with quickly after the accident.

Broken Bones — Broken arms, legs, or ribs aren't uncommon in a head-on crash because the front of the automobile crumples and pushes into the driver or passenger seats. Airbags can decrease the force of the effect; however, they can also cause injuries themselves.

Lost Limbs — In very extreme crashes, limbs may be overwhelmed or severed, or very severely broken that amputation is the best route of action.

Cuts — Cuts to the face or frame from shattered windshields or side windows can be severe and require plastic surgical treatment to reduce scarring.

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