Do I need a Living Trust?

Why Do I Need a LIving Trust?

  • It all begins with planning. You graduate school with a plan for college. You graduate college with a plan for professional life. You earn your rightful position in a company with even further plans for your life in general. Human’s life is constituted by plans they make. As you get older day by day, plan-making becomes even more crucial part of your life. Sickness may befall you and when that happens, you have to still think about your family because in the worst case scenario, you might be leaving them behind. Well, it does not have to come to that. Even when you are simply being sick, things may fall apart. Who will take care of the bills? Who can make sure the course of treatment and the perfect doctor to handle your health problems? Can your spouse have access to your 401k? Things like this are likely to cause nagging issues in the future. Therefore it is only logical that you arrange everything and set things in order before it is too late and the worst case scenario really manifests itself. 

  • The problem with things like living will, living trust, or estate planning extends beyond possible abandonment of family members. It was once true that making a will or trust simply correlates with leaving substantial amount of assets for the remaining members of family to survive on. Today, with widespread frauds and privacy breach, people are more careful when it comes to protecting their assets. Thus protection is put in place to ward off any wrongdoings. However, as such protection pays no regards as to whom the defense is placed against, it is possible that your family member may find difficulty in accessing your asset. Oftentimes, the case is settled within the court walls and dealing with the court is something unpleasantly annoying enough that your family also needs to face the fact that the worst scenario is happening to you. You left them alone, without means to survive your absence and they have to go to the court just to be able to move on. By working with David McCollum as the best living trust attorney Kansas City, Mo you can get, all this unnecessary hassle can be avoided.

  • Through a meticulous process of estate planning, you can assign a name of a person in family members as the sole person to access your assets. This person can act in your place to take care all the things you can no longer handle. However, there is another underlying issue with estate planning. Documents are sure to be made to ensure easiness in accessing the assets. But documents are just pieces of paper if one cannot understand the correct way to use them. This is where the service that David McCollum excels. He not only prepares papers and documents for you but also educates you in everything about law regarding this matter thoroughly. He encourages his clients to ask as many questions as they can because one can only be granted so much legal power but without proper conducts, everything will be ruined and one can be trapped in confusion. This personal approach that David McCollum practices gives a client a chance to further understand that this is more than just about getting a client’s estate access to assets. This is about avoiding possible hindrance in doing so. In his blog, you can see that he extensively discuss about things regarding this matter, including how to pick the right person to become your trustee.