How to Interview an Injury Attorney

10 Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

Obtaining payment for your damages, injuries, and other losses after a severe accident can be very challenging.

You may need to hire an accomplished personal injury attorney to represent your interests in settlement discussions with an insurance corporation. You should never file a personal injury suit without first consulting with an attorney-at-law. Before you hire a personal injury lawyer.  Use these 10 Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer to help decide who to hire in Kansas City and LIberty Missouri.

Your attorney is someone with whom you will associate with very frequently. You should feel content with this individual and view him or her as a trusted adviser. Meet with at least two (2) lawyers before deciding who you want to represent you. Some basic questions you need to ask potential injury lawyers:

What are your fees?

  1. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee structure.  Meaning that you do not pay them a fee until you recover money in your suit.
  2. If you collect money damages, your injury lawyer will take a portion of the sum, typically between 33 percent (33%) and 50 percent (50%).
  3. It is essential to know the abilities of the lawyer you hire. While a lawyer may say he or she will only charge you a 33% contingency fee, they may not be equipped to manage your injury suit.

If I lose, who is responsible for any case-related expenses?

  1. Some injury attorneys charge for any case-related costs they prepay in addition to the contingency fee. Ask your attorney who will be responsible for these costs (also known as "out-of-pocket" costs) if your injury suit is unsuccessful.

Have you conducted any auto accident trials comparable to mine to juries before?

  1. Never think that a personal injury attorney has handled a case comparable to yours previously. Ask every potential attorney about his or her experience and results. For example, if you are injured in a slip-and-fall mishap, you might not want to use a personal injury lawyer who has only worked on auto accident trials. Similarly, you presumably would not want to hire an attorney who fundamentally works on workers' compensation claims to represent you in your auto accident case.
  2. Find out How Lawyers Choose Other Lawyers.

How much time can you devote to my case?

  1. Many attorneys take on too many cases at once and will sit on your claim while they sign up new clients. Ask any potential injury lawyers if they have sufficient time they have to give to your circumstances right now. Express that you need to have your lawsuit handled promptly. Ask when your case will be filed.

Typically, how long does it take to settle a case like mine?

  1. Ask the injury lawyers about how long it normally takes to resolve a claim like yours. Many factors can determine how long it takes to resolve a matter, but lawyers should be able to give you a rough estimate. Be sure that your lawyer is prepared to resolve your lawsuit as quickly as practicable under the circumstances.

Will my case go to trial? What is your success rate at trial?

  1. Be cautious of any attorneys who say early on that your case is going to settle. Your injury attorney should assume every situation is going to trial and plan as if your lawsuit will be tried before a jury. That way, you can begin settlement discussions with the defendant equipped with as much proof as possible. This will help guarantee that you obtain the most favorable settlement possible. If your case eventually goes to trial, you want to make sure that your injury lawyer has won cases before a jury.

What is my claim worth?

  1. Personal injury attorneys should have a good sense of what your case is worth. At the very least, a lawyer should be able to provide a range and explain how different circumstances such as discovery, liability, and preexisting medical issues might affect a compensation offer or verdict. Do your analysis and use your best judgment in assessing a possible lawyer's cases. Be wary of injury lawyers who make estimates that seem entirely unrealistic.

Who will handle my case?

  1. Ask who at the law firm will manage the different aspects of your claim. Some personal injury law firms like to float senior partners in front of potential clients but are not going to handle the day to day representation once the contract is signed. Ask who will be your contact and who you can expect to talk with when you have issues about your claim. Ask whether less qualified associates will be managing your case and, if so, who is accountable for supervising them.  Find out How Lawyers Choose Other Lawyers.

Aks what your role will be in the lawsuit?

  1. Before hiring a personal injury attorney, ensure you know your role in the suit and what will be expected of you. Some people desire to be very engaged in their claim, attending depositions and different conferences. Will your attorney allow this? Some attorneys do not. Many clients need to let their attorneys control the case and remain on the sidelines. Make sure that you and your injury attorney are on the same page about the extent of your involvement.

Ask if you can speak to a past client?

  1. Don't be afraid to request a potential injury attorney for references. Hopefully, the lawyer will be able to give you contact information for at least one happy former client. It would be best if you never relied on website text or promotional materials solely – these may have been heavily censored.

Choosing an injury lawyer is a critical decision. Be sure to make an informed one. Contemplate your choices will afford you the best opportunity of a satisfying and advantageous relationship with your injury attorney.

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